Senior Interior designer / Architect Job Description


We are an Interior design firm based in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, which pays attention to all fields of interior design entitled (Internal design, furniture, fabrics, manufacturing furniture and wood decorates). Moreover we offer many of the consulting and engineering solutions to cover the needs of our customers in the KSA and the Gulf countries. We provide designs that contain the flexibility of the design and concentrating on the details and using new materials. We deal with each customer according to teamwork of specialists to assure completing the work on time and within the available budget. Our objective is to achieve the harmonious scope of work with understanding the requirements of our customers, as each design is a reflection of their life style. Within this scope of work, came our experience in coordinating in the field of furniture, fabrics and colors to offer our customer a multi experience to let matters simples and effective. Currently, we are looking forward to hire a professional Interior Designers, which his/her Duties and Responsibilities match and touch ours.

The Interior Designer must have some of responsibilities and typical work activities and skills. Here are some of Duties and Responsibilities we are looking forward:

  • Designing, executing and managing projects.
  • Setting schedules for the project & Negotiating fees.
  • Good organizational skills, to ensure each project is completed on time and within budget.
  • The ability to visualize concepts and explain them to others.
  • Carrying out research, to make sure that plans are technically feasible.
  • Space Planning.
  • Responsible in the following: Preliminary and Final Design stages of any project, Working / Shop Drawings.
  • Furniture detail and specifications.
  • Must be proficient in / or knowledgeable in all WOOD TYPES & KINDS.
  • Monitor on-going jobs in the factory to ensure job orders were manufactured as specified on approved drawings.
  • Manual drafting, Perspective Drawings, and Renderings.
  • Able to sketch detailed drawing on computer.
  • Producing rough sketches and a mood board - a collection of suitable images, colors and materials.
  • Choosing the most appropriate materials for the design and budget.
  • Advising clients on progress, and providing them with samples of paints and fabrics to be used
  • Ability to contact with local & international firm of furniture’s, fabrics and products.
  • Correspondences with related international firms.
  • Developing DETAILED DESIGNS, often-using computer-aided design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD (2D and 3D), Adobe Photoshop, 3D MAX, etc.…(latest Edition).
  • Quotations and orders preparations and analysis.
  • Budgeting of projects.
  • Bill of quantity.
  • Supervising the work as it is carried out.
  • Has excellent experience on SUPERVISING WORKSHOPS & FACTORIES.
  • Report to the General Manager on a weekly basis regarding status of drawings for project tenders and for individual clients.
  • Direct and supervise employees.
  • An ability to communicate with customer.
  • Excellent creativity and imagination in designing.
  • Excellent ability to build the designs that will complete the needs of clients.
  • Proficient with basic computer literate such as software program (Microsoft software program), Internet etc.
  • Work under presser and handling the project on time.
  • Fluent in English especially business writings.
  • Confidence with figures
  • Self-discipline
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills.
Graduate of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Architecture