Twin Villas

  • Date : 2009
  • Status : Completed
  • Client : Private
  • Area : 1840 m²
  • Location : Riyadh

Exquisite Elegance: Architectural Masterpiece in Luxury Villas by SOSAK

The need to make two twin villas for two brothers led to an extensive program on a reduced lot, which prompted us to generate common areas that could be shared among users, optimizing the use of the land. The twin villas, aptly named Round House, feature a geometrically unique structure.

From the main entrance, visitors can effortlessly progress through the open-plan living room, kitchen, and spacious deck before circumnavigating the house via a wrap-around walkway. A concentric hallway traces the kitchen, leading to discrete pie-shaped rooms carefully arranged to demarcate private from public space.

A large circular skylight streams daylight into the kitchen, creating a makeshift sundial that illuminates different sections of custom curved casework throughout the day. Due to the challenges of its circular form, our project team had to look for creative solutions in each aspect of the venture. Most conventional solutions favor straight geometry, but our refreshing intervention is an honest response to the constraints of this unique project.

The courtyard connects to the twin villas through a dynamic swimming pool and walkway, with abundant trees and blossoming flower beds on either side. Expansive glass windows offer unhindered views of the scenic splendor around, enriching the visual experience.

Our creativity in creating exceptional ideas for interior design and architecture stems from our passion for taking care of small details and giving a different identity to the interior design of each villa that reflects the personality of its residents.

The design of the ceilings is an important part of the interior composition, distinguished in the two villas by its lines as an integrated painting (musical piece) and the distribution of light that increases the beauty and strength of the composition.

We used a warm color palette of marble flooring and harmonious high-end furniture selected to complement the unique system in this project. The result is a harmonious material palette that enriches the visual experience.