Ghada Mosque

  • Date : 2010
  • Client : Ghada Mosque
  • Status : Completed
  • Client : Private
  • Area : 5655 m²

Experience the Beauty of Traditional and Modern Design at This Stunning Mosque by SOSAK

This stunning mosque seamlessly blends traditional design elements with modern touches, creating a true masterpiece of design. The intricate detailing of the exterior and awe-inspiring interior spaces, including soaring minarets, intricate geometric patterns, and use of natural light create a serene and inspiring atmosphere for worshipers and visitors alike.

The project’s ambition was to develop the traditional classical design of the mosque while preserving its identity and combining classic and modernity. SOSAK modified the study of the columns bearing the central dome and decorated the domes with gypsum engraved with floral and geometric motifs.

The space between the domes was divided into gypsum strips that connect the bridges of the domes, painted white to give more height and a feeling of purity and tranquility. The hallways feature unique columns that look like a wall surrounding the prayer hall and the outer courtyard, covered from the inside with small gypsum domes and illuminated by hidden lighting.

SOSAK has elegantly combined traditional and modern elements with stained glass windows and luminous ornaments to the walls. The external facades feature GRC panels decorated with botanical motifs inspired by the windows, and a cornice that contains geometric motifs.

Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or appreciate the beauty of religious buildings, this mosque is sure to leave a lasting impression.