Hetten Palace

Architectural Marvel: Unveiling a Luxurious Palace Interiors by SOSAK.

We believe in bringing all our disciplines together to create exceptional homes for our clients. Our architects are skilled in working with a range of styles, from classical to contemporary to an eclectic mix. We approach each project with imagination, devising successful plans for everything.

In this palace, we wanted to create a harmonious blend of modernity and classical design. The challenge was to combine these elements in a warm and unorthodox way. We started with the façade, drawing inspiration from Andalusian lines, simplifying them, and adding a wall and modern gate. The result is a classical space with a spirit of modernity that seamlessly blends the past and the present.

The living and dining areas are designed with a streamlined approach, utilizing a palette of soft tonal colors to increase the sense of natural light and space. We aimed to achieve an ideal balance between classical elegance and welcoming coziness through modernizing. The result is a bespoke living space that exudes luxury and comfort.

The swimming pool area is built on a sumptuous style, combining Navona Travertine and British Handmade ceramics. The double-height glass ceiling and wide windows provide an abundance of natural light, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the garden.

Our approach to furnishing this villa was to establish a close working relationship with our client and combine beautifully chosen furniture from high-end brands with a livable palette of warm tones and rich textures. The result is a sophisticated example of modern, city living.

Even in the bath design, we continue to tell our story. We combine rebellious designs with a variety of materials, brushes, and colors. The result is a luxurious palace with a unique identity.

In the landscape design, we believe that outdoor privacy screens are essential for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The garden is formed by curves, indicating the main direction of transit, and enveloping the functional accents. Island-shaped zones are oases of landscaping, and a Baroque fountain adds a dramatic effect, reflecting a sense of meditation and serenity. The evening illumination creates a visual levitation effect of the islands.