Apartment 3505

  • Date : 2019
  • Client : Private Appartment
  • Status : Completed
  • Area : 178 m²

Elegant Modern Apartment Interior design by SOSAK in one of Bahrains Skyscrapers

3505, located on the thirty-fifth floor of Era Tower in Bahrain/Seef, is a luxurious apartment offering breathtaking sea views and spanning across an area of 178 square meters. We designed the space with a modern contemporary concept with some minimalistic touches. We used shades of gray to dominate the interior scene, reflecting contemporary taste for neutral tones that offer comfort and a luxurious feel. To elevate the overall aesthetic, we replaced the faded laminate floor tile with dark gray porcelain.

In the kitchen area, we created an open concept with black furniture integrated in a hidden way. We used a paneled subzero refrigerator to combine the kitchen and dining area in a natural way, creating an aesthetically pleasing and sleek kitchen that is both functional and spacious.

We designed the Master Bedroom to emphasize the sea view and create a sensual oasis in a room full of hard lines. We modified the bathroom by removing the wall that initially separated it from the bedroom, and used a glass panel instead to create greater amplitude and integrate the spaces, providing an enjoyable bathing experience.

For the living space, we chose a collection of modern furniture, creating a foyer experience while keeping the sea view in focus. This touch of modernity and sophistication elevates the project.

We used a harmonious material palette for the refurbishment, bringing richness and quality to the previously tired and drab interior. We celebrated the post-modern influence and used natural light and texture to enrich the experience.